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Just because you can! Empty Just because you can!

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:29 am

Bring your beauty to this day. Give your goodness to this
Now is filled with everything there is. And it is more than
you could ever imagine.
Experience the miracle of awareness. Live and do and love
and know, just because you can.
From here, you can go anywhere. Choose the direction that
you know is yours.
To be here in this moment, to be present in this place, is
indeed a wonder of wonders. The possibilities are all
intensely real, and you are even now bringing some of the
best ones to life.
Quiet your thoughts, release your limitations, and feel the
pure energy of life. Truly understand where you come from,
who you are, and the magnificent things you can do.

-- Ralph Marston

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