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Tell Us about YourselF Empty Tell Us about YourselF

Post by jha on Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:05 pm

Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Since mukang nagkakahiyaan pa ang ibang members sisses natin, umpisahan natin dito mga kafated kew! just tell something about yourself, like your name, how we call you, whats your favorite topic , or things you wanna know ..

lol! Me, Im Gianinna Johnson Contado Soon magiging Ex-Mrs Victoriano! hahahaha!
lol! lol! Im a single Mom, presently working here in Israel..

I love Internet world, surfing, web designing,blogger addict, I spent most of my time sitting here in from of my unit,before adik ako sa chatrooms but not now anymore..
I love watching movies, kahit 1 day pa lang pinapalabas sinusuyod ko buong net makita ko lang ung link at mapanood agad..hahaha..D kc ako lumalabas sa work kaya eto ang libangan ko and source of knowledge na din,mahirap madrain ang utak sa work bilang caregiver.

Im very vocal person,transparent,I fight for what i know is right for me, I say sorry if i made mistakes,I apologies if i hurt somebody intentionally or not,I speak whats on my mind..Im worth trusty friend,I always treasure people who loves me, like me and a friend of mine..but pls never ever back stab me , I hate that,tell me the truth and lets sit and talk about it..Makulit ako, super,kapag kapalagayang loob ko talaga ang tao, malambing ako at sobra din magmahal,pero wag ako sasaktan dahil sobra din ako magalit.hahaha..

Im here to find some friends and add knowledge and awareness sa mga bagay-bagay, I love to hear other peoples suggestions, sharing their thoughts and informative post coz I know it will help me to enhance my brain..

**wak po kayo mahiya magpost or magreply sa mga post ng mga sissy natin** lets have fun ad get to know each other!

lol! sunny

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Tell Us about YourselF Empty Re: Tell Us about YourselF

Post by chaps_1022 on Wed Mar 25, 2009 1:30 am

cheers ok eto sissy Jha hehehe! let's be transparent here ok mga sissy's! let us know each other well coz we are the only one who know's ourself better than anybody else....... I love you

Rolling Eyes well.. Chaps here, as most of my new friends calling me, but for those who are very close to me, my parents, and relatives i am still the small girl Cheng, Che for my siblings and to some of my friends and Cher for those making pacute! lol!

i am baptised by the name CHERYL GAJISAN SEVEGAN, was born dec. 10,1979... from Oriental Mindoro.. gandang mangyan sabi nga..a proud mangyan actually.... flower

queen i am a simple lady but they don't see me that way... i don't know why maybe b-coz they're level of simplicity is far different from mine.. as i know myself i am very sweet specially to my friends, family and most of all to my lover hehehe!yeah i am very sweet but a very jealous type which i always keep for myself only... afro pintasira po ako aminado ako jan but im not that vocal hehehe! i just keep it in my mind na lang lalo na dun sa mga taong pasosyal and agaw atensyon para lang magpaimpress not knowing they look chipipay naman hehehe! i hate mayabang and plastik na tao.. i love observing someone's behavior and gestures. human nature is one of my best interest... i love talking to people where i can absorb knowledge and lessons.. i hate people who keeps on talking nonsense thing... and learning in the end that what they are saying are all fallacy.... lol!
what's important and matters to me most is my happiness and knowing that i did'nt hurt anyone...i am the one who best know myself so ala akong paki on what other people's saying about me wag lang sobra to the extent na sinisira na pagkatao ko coz i keep myself for the best that i can,,,, naku wag lang magkamli hehehe! lol!

i am very maarte as most people around me best describe me! well i agree i also find myself maarte since birth huh! specially when it comes to the clothes i am going to wear and my looks.. palit ako ng palit ng damit, closet queen po ito hehehe!... well ako po yun eh... i admire and really look up at d late Palestine politician Benazir Bhutto and Princess Diana, Condolisa Rice, Hillary Clinton, Martha Stewart, and a lot more.. i love Kriz Aquino, Gretchen and Claudine Baretto, Angelika dela Cruz and Anne Curtis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie....i love politica and showbiz, two different world but both dirty and magulo.. hehehe!
i love to be with people who loves to make a difference, who wants to make their existence a meaningful one.....people who carries a golden heart...people who believed and listen's to other people's ideas and suggestions for the benefit of the song in hebrew goes ani ve ata mishane et ha ulam... in english " u and i will fix the world" by arick einstein...thou it seems to be impossible and difficult to achieve... scratch

Wink i am a person with soft heart i admit.. i cry so easilly, i gave my forgiveness fast... i am a true woman as they define it so fragile emotionally as my college bestfriend describes me so must be handle with care..... i am my father's daughter.. i always depend on him.. i never loved a man as i loved my father..he is still the Man in my life.....i think everybody know's it hehehe... bounce

cheers well i dreamed of being a Lawyer my greatest frustration in life........actually its me and my father's dream for me....but as they are always saying i still have time and if there's a will, there's a way... cheers

Rolling Eyes as of now my priorities in life are saving money for my future plans and looking and choosing for d right man, my without wax, where i would happilly spend d rest of my life..... im on d process of both, just wishing i might pick the right one hehehe! lol!

my greatest dream in life is to build a charitable institution for the poor, old and needy people! specially for those little one's who have no shelter and a place which we called home! hope before i leave and go to my final destination i could make this into reality cheers .. just hoping flower

cheers hope i have given you a full glance of who i am.. flower now its your turn sissy!

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Tell Us about YourselF Empty Re: Tell Us about YourselF

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:53 pm

Oh yes, it's my turn na po, i spent one day ata before magpost hehe, sorry,sisterettes, for the reason unknown.. lol!

So, here's now a glimpse of who i am.

I am, Nenette Fronda Gajisan, 23 years old and born in Oriental Mindoro. My Mama and Papa call me "Nene" and Nette for my friends. During highschool, my group gave me the name "Dharl" which turned into Sweetiedharl which i'm using in all my online stuffs, i love it really!

I graduated from Divine Word College of Calapan, an SVD School and had a degree of Business Management.

In general, i love everything in minimalistic approach. From clothes which expresses who i am, interior designing of my haven which promotes my mental state and feelings, from ideas and principles to live my life and in all my dealings with people.

I am living with the moment and enjoying the flow of my life.

From all that i've been through in life, i've encountered a lot of things that gave me wisdom to life my life and fulfill my ultimate purpose here on Earth. I believe that knowledge speaks but wisdom listens. So i hope that, you now understand why i just love listening.

I love my family, friends and relatives and everyone. I believe in everyone's uniqueness and their talents and what makes them special. I believe in the true goodness of everyone that rooted from their heart. Whenever i'm meeting new people, i am focusing on their heart and not on their history.

I believe in the capacity of eveyone to change their life instantly, just a snap of the finger once they change their thinking. I believe in their dreams that if they would just dedicate into it, it will emerge and make it into reality.

I know who i am and the power of my heart to mold my life for the fulfillment of my purpose. I know what is essential and to stick to it. I am capable of fulfilling my life's desire and no barricade can stop me from achieving it.

I believe in the power of every person to make their life according to their heart's desire. That no matter what their current reality right now, it will changed the moment they dedicate themselves to make their lives worthy and fruitfully.

I believe that everyone is perfect for who they are. No standards should be imposed to what is perfect because we are completely perfect the way we are. Different roads, different journey, different techniques, going to one destination- Happiness-.

No matter what i do, i have a simple question that helps me in decision making process- Is this will make me happy?-, then you will never get lost.

Lastly, i'm living my life with the FOUR agreements. First, I am impeccble with my word.- I know that words can be a miracle and a sword that can kill a person. I express my words to the way i know will contribute to one's well-being other than that, i'll keep my mouth shut. Second, i never make assumptions,-assumptions are hindrance to us because we expect something that other people didn't know, to make it easier, just ask. Third, I am independent of other's opinion on me,- I know who i am, as long as i know my actions and thinking are morally upright and never jeopardizing anyone, i'll go to where i think i'll be happier.- And last, i am always doing my best, in everything i do, i am always doing my best, because when we are doing our best, we can never be wrong because that's the best that we can do, If it is still not enough for the other people, then it's their problem not yours because you did your best.

And if sometimes, i fail to live with these four agreements, there's always tomorrow to start again until i will be a master of it...

Stay Beautiful Inside and Out!

Nenette Gajisan

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Tell Us about YourselF Empty Re: Tell Us about YourselF

Post by Rizaly on Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:22 pm

Hey guys,,oi mga sissy its my turn...I' m sorry girls, nahihiya pa kase ako so i don't know how to start to introduce myself, almost 4 days ako nag iisip,,pero masaya ako pag nagbabasa ako nito nakakarelate sya,,i'm so proud sa gumawa nito. Gusto ko rin mag post pero parang lahat ng column is for me, by the way,anyway high ways, hehe let me introduce myself..

silent ako? RIZALY PAPASIN MAGTIBAY,, pero ang tawag sa akin ng aking mga magulang, kapatid at kaibigan ay PUTI.. ewan ko ba kase maputi daw ako,,, ayan ha Tagalog na Tagalog lahat yan para makilala nyo ako. May asawa na ako at isang napakaganda at mabait na anak, mana sa mama nya at ako yun,,, I love you Taga batangas talaga ako at ang asawa ko, lumipat lang kami ng kapatid ko sa mindoro kase dun may work ang father ko before. Ipinanganak ako noong Decemer 30,1983, eto kaya Rizaly ang pangalan ko, kase alam nyo naman ang matatanda mahilig sumunod sa mga kasabihan, kaya yun sinunod nila kay Rizal. Oi Sis Nette,and Sis Chaps, mga Dec.pala birthday natin! Kaya mapagmahal tayo at mapagbigay sa lahat ng bagay, tama ba ako? o ako lang hehe.. Undergrad po ako ng college sa Lyceum of Batangas and sa Mindoro po ako nag high school kaya kilala ko sina Sis Sette at Sis Jovs. Noong nasa Mindoro ako, marami akong pagsubok at karanasan nong andun ako, saya, lungkot, takot lahat na... Ako, mabait ako at mapagbigay sa lahat ng bagay. Ako yung tipo ng tao na bibigay ko lahat kahit na walang matira sa akin basta para sa pamilya ko. Mahalaga na pagbigyan ko sila kahit na walang matira sa akin,lalo na sa anak ko. Handa ako ibigay lahat sa kanya.. Malungkot nga lang kase lagi kami magkalayo... nasa abroad kase ako pero alam ko na maiintindihan nya rin ako pagdating ng panahon, na para sa kanya lahat ng pagtitiis ko.

Yan lang ako mga sis.. Abangan nyo post ko ha? Oh paano mga sis, ingat lang lagi tayo and More Blessings.

Thanks a lot!

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Tell Us about YourselF Empty Re: Tell Us about YourselF

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