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FALL iN Love N^ FaLL oUT oF LovE??!!

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FALL iN Love N^ FaLL oUT oF LovE??!! Empty FALL iN Love N^ FaLL oUT oF LovE??!!

Post by jha on Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:43 pm

Shocked Shocked Shocked Have you ever experience to Fall in love and then suddenly you just feel like you're "FALLiN^ OUT OF LOVE"???...could it be possible or not and WHY?! Shocked Shocked scratch scratch study study study

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FALL iN Love N^ FaLL oUT oF LovE??!! Empty Re: FALL iN Love N^ FaLL oUT oF LovE??!!

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 28, 2009 9:11 am

It is true that there are people who easily fall in love- the kind of love they believe that can last forever. However, this love is subject to change, for when situation becomes worse and difficult, it can also make people fall out of love.

There are lots of reasons why two people fell deeply in love, same as there are also many reasons why they fall out of love. It is easy for people to identify the reasons why they fell in love with the person but find it difficult to pin-point the reasons why they fall out of love.

Sometimes, people just simply say, they fall out of love without any reason at all. And that is definitely false! Of course, there are reasons behind that sudden change of feelings. It is just a matter of self-denial, where people are afraid to face the true reasons because they don't like to hurt the person they once loved.

Here are some reasons why people fall out of love:


Healthy communication between two people in love is very essential because it serves as your medium of expressing your love to the person. The more you communicate, the more you get to know that person well.

Lack of communication can create anxiety, misunderstanding, doubts and other negative feelings towards your partner. If these weren't controlled or settled, it can possibly worsen to disrespect, disinterest and loss of affection.

UNSETTLED DIFFERENCES-Mostly, when you fell in love, you don't yet knew each other well until such time that you live together or spend long time with each other. And when you begin to discover the real identity of your partner, you will realize that there are lots of differences between the two of you like interest, likes and dislikes, criteria, principles in life, lifestyle, and other factors that affects your way of living. If you can't accept these differences, you find it hard to live or go along well with your partner. And before you knew it, you are beginning to fall out of love to that person because your subconscious mind dictates you that he/she is not the right mate for you.


-It is ordinary for you to set certain criteria or standards. And you normally compare qualities of the person you love with your given set of qualities. And in times of mismatch, there is a tendency that you loose interest that can positively lead to falling out of love.


It is a fact that love usually starts with perceived attraction commonly on the physical aspect of the person. The affection only grows deeper as you get to know the other aspect that makes that person lovable. But there are also times that perceived attraction diminishes to such a point that it no longer excites you that can lead your feelings to total loss of attraction.

When you love a person, you normally expect that person to return the love with same level and intensity. And when he/she fails, disappointment will be felt. This kind of disappointment often creates negative feelings that if not controlled can cause your affection to fade.

That's the end of the dreamy fairy tale lol! lol!

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