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The 6 Secrets of Seductive Beauty

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The 6 Secrets of Seductive Beauty

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:49 pm

The 6 Secrets of Seductive Beauty

As an TEFS girl, you should know a few things about seduction. But you may
be unsure about which beauty tricks enhance your game. There’s actually
some serious science behind the art of seduction…and experts have
discovered that allure starts with projecting a healthy vibe. If you
have a healthful glow and send the right subliminal messages to men,
these will signify that your hormones and other chemicals are in
balance, which means you’re good mate material, explains anthropologist
Helen Fisher, PhD, author of Why We Love. To turn yourself into a bona
fide seductress, we’re unveiling these six sure-shot secrets. (Yes, career na to!)

SEDUCTIVE SECRET 1: ROCK A WIDE-EYED LOOK (Open your eyes sisters!)

an evolutionary standpoint, big, bright eyes have been one of a woman’s
most reliably potent seduction tools. “Historically, when a woman had
large, glistening eyes, it was almost like she was wearing a sign that
said, ‘I’m fertile—I’d make a great mate,’” says Fisher. Fast-forward
to the present: While guys may not be looking for a mate to start a
family with ASAP, they’re subconsciously drawn to seek out a woman who
gives off a healthy and fertile aura.
Work-it trick:
To widen your eyes, play up the outer corners, says celebrity makeup
artist Troy Surrat. With a black or brown liner pencil (try Ever Bilena
Color Pencil, P48), trace along the top and bottom lash lines from the
middle of the lid to just past the outer corner of the eye, he says.
Then, use a cotton swab to blend and diffuse the line. Close your eyes,
and sweep a shimmery shadow like MAC Light Frost Eyeshadow in Amber,
P800, over your entire lid, he says. Next, dot the inner corner of the
eyes (near your tear duct) with a champagne-colored pencil like Paul
& Joe Eye Crayon 02, P875, or Careline Glamour Eyes 7, P60. Use an
eyelash curler on your lashes, then layer on two coats of jet-black
mascara. Finish with an additional coat applied only to the outermost
lashes, says Surrat. For a full and lengthy fringe, try the Shiseido
Eyelash Curler, P1,300, and the L’Oréal Double Extension Mascara, P755.

Gisele and Heidi look as amazingly hot if they swapped their signature
sashays for slouchy, kuba waddles down the runway? Not so much. “The
way you carry yourself helps a man determine how attractive you are,”
says Fisher. “Men can tell if you’re secure with your body…and if you
are, it’s a tremendous turn-on.” While you may not want to lay down
that catwalk strut all the time, injecting a little confidence into
your walk will definitely turn some heads.“Men find confidence
attractive because it shows that you’re independent and proud of your
body,” says communication psychologist and body-language expert Lillian
Glass, PhD.
Work-it trick: The first step
toward walking with confidence is to slip into a pair of heels, she
says. “High heels help to elongate your legs, thus helping you feel
more powerful. Plus, they make your legs and butt look so good,” says
Glass. (Note: Your heels don’t have to be six inches high to look sexy.
Even an inch or two will give the lift you need.)
Now, imagine
a string pulling the crown of your head upward. Focusing on this image
will help improve your posture, explains Glass. Next, throw your
shoulders back, push your chest forward, and suck your tummy in.
Tighten your buttocks and take deliberate steps, putting one foot
directly in front of the other. Remember: The more confident you feel,
the more confident you’ll look. To give yourself an ego boost while
walking, envision yourself as a man-eating top model. (Girls practice practice ! Laughing Laughing Laughing )

is an important turn-him-on tool, but are you wearing one designed to
sync up with his subconscious cravings? Guys tend to gravitate toward
something that enhances your already alluring natural scent. Says
Fisher, “Men are most attracted to your own special fragrance—they find
that combination of sweet and musky incredibly sexy.” For an easy way
to seduce him, pinpoint a perfume that mimics a woman’s natural scent
(i.e., a sweet and musky combo).
Work-it trick:
“Go for fragrances that mix sweet notes like vanilla or rose with
deeper, musky ones like sandalwood,” says perfumer Virginia Bonofiglio,
adjunct professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York
City. Don’t overwhelm him with a cloud of perfume. Instead, apply a
subtle spritz to your pulse points—the insides of the wrists, insides
of the elbows, the backs of the knees, and the neck. Try Bvlgari Pour
Femme, P5,650, and Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine, P2,450, or check
out more stud-snagging potions in “Scents to Lure Him Closer.” (Sisters, meron ba non sa Super Pharm? Laughing Laughing Laughing )

wonder why guys love breasts? According to Fisher, “Male primates know
when females are ready to mate because the tissue around their genitals
becomes large and engorged. And because primates walk on all fours,
their backsides are visible from the front. Since men can’t see women’s
buttocks from the front, some scientists believe that fleshy breasts
evolved to mimic them.” This may explain why large breasts can elicit
such a big reaction from guys. But small breasts hold plenty of appeal.
Fisher reports that as long as your rack is high, pert, and
symmetrical, it will cast its seductive spell.
Work-it trick:
First, gently exfoliate the delicate breast skin. Next, apply a
shimmery, light-reflecting lotion like Red Earth Secret Potion in
Magician, P1,550. When the lotion dries, brush bronzer in a Y shape
between your breasts to contour the area. Two to try: The Body Shop
Brilliance Powder, P1,095, or Nichido Bronzing Powder, P150. “This will
create the illusion of a fuller chest and enhance its round shape,”
says Surrat. Then, slip into a bra that combines padding and underwire
with a demi cup. Here’s why: Padding smooths and rounds out the shape.
Underwire provides unbeatable support, and a demi cup holds and
supports the bottom half of your breasts while allowing the top to
spill over. (Ah ganon pla ha!)

you haven’t put much thought into your public posing style (trying to
“Vogue” like Madonna in front of your bedroom mirror doesn’t count),
here’s some interesting info from Fisher: “When female monkeys are
trying to attract mates, they strike various poses. They stick out
their rear ends and arch their backs. It’s all a part of the mating
game, and it’s hardwired into us humans too,” she says.
Work-it trick:
While part of looking hot is (admittedly) sporting a slim waist and
welldefined curves, it’s just as important to know how to show them
off, says Glass. Here’s a red-carpet trick stars use: “Angle your hips
away from the guy you’re targeting so your body is slightly twisted.
This will help enhance your curves,” she says. Next, tilt your chin up.
If it feels awkward at first, practice a few times at home in front of
the mirror. Over time, this stance will feel as natural as that super
confident walk mentioned in Seductive Secret 2. But to avoid looking
too posed, don’t just stand there. You’ll look much more natural if you
use this move while engaging in conversation or when sipping a drink.( we'll see...)

primates, symmetrical teeth can actually signal good health, and this
marks you as ideal-mate material. “And in humans, when they flash full
lips, they’re broadcasting the fact that they have high levels of
estrogen,” says Fisher. In a nutshell, the combo indicates to men that
you’re fertile.
Work-it trick: To create the
illusion of a fuller smile, trace along the outer edges of your lips
and the V of your top lip with a neutral liner, says Surrat. We like
Make Up For Ever Lip Liner and Concealer, P900, or Fashion 21 Perfect
Lips Color Rich Lipstick/Liner in Melon, P185. Then apply a coat of
shimmery peach or rosy pink lipstick like Revlon Glossy Licious in
Lychee Sorbet, P375, and The Face Shop Sparkling Lip in Tropic Orange,
P525. “Shimmer reflects light and enhances the fullness of your lips,”
he says. So make sure to avoid too-dark colors like deep plums and
too-light nudes. You can also try fluffing up your pout with Clinique’s
Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine in Play-full Plump, P960, or
Artdeco Hot Chili Lip Booster, P750. For a finishing touch, use a
shimmery, champagne-colored pencil like Ever Bilena Stargazer Eye
Shimmer in Crystal Brown, P100, to trace the V of the upper lip and
under the center of your bottom lip, says Surrat. (Effortless hehe)
So sister's what you're waiting for? Go get them now hehe!
flower flower flower flower

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Re: The 6 Secrets of Seductive Beauty

Post by chaps_1022 on Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:56 pm

cheers cheers cheers i love it cuz!muah!muah! a woman of intelligennce, confidence! elegance and beauty thats TEFS ladies huh! Go sisters! cheers cheers cheers

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