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Post by AjayBaji on Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:08 am

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image of Kim Ghattas Kim Ghattas BBC state department correspondent

Recent polls show that 69% of Pakistanis see the US as more of an enemy than a partner. American taxpayers are increasingly asking: Why give aid to Pakistanis if they don't want it?

So this move is partly driven by pressure in Congress to cut spending to deal with mounting debt. It's also technical - no point sending some equipment if American trainers are not in Pakistan to use it. Big military deliveries won't be affected so the impact is limited.

Still, this is a strong message by the Obama administration - the first time it withholds aid from Pakistan on purpose to express displeasure with its actions.

It's an attempt to force the Pakistani army to choose between its relationship with America and its ties with militant groups. It may work, it could also backfire, which is why Washington remains careful not to push too hard.

Speaking on ABC's This Week programme, Mr Daley accepted that Pakistan had been "an important ally in the fight on terrorism. They've been the victim of enormous amounts of terrorism".


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