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How Might One Know Love Except by Loving

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How Might One Know Love Except by Loving Empty How Might One Know Love Except by Loving

Post by chaps_1022 on Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:16 pm

I love you How might one know love except by loving? Question
Idea Attraction might be right, but often wrong, Crying or Very sad
Rolling Eyes Perhaps because it's short, and life is long, scratch
Rolling Eyes Perhaps because the proof is in the proving. sunny
cheers Years go by, and one is always moving; bounce
pale Very little truth can come along. drunken
Sleep A week, a month, a year -- and love is strong; I love you
Basketball Longer, and the trick is one of choosing. Question
I love you Enduring love depends on mutual need, flower
cheers Need acknowledged, open, unashamed Embarassed
queen To say, I do not want to be alone. king
geek If one could put aside one's pride and bleed, jocolor
I love you No gift or gratitude would go unnamed, I love you

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