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Post by AjayBaji on Sat Jul 16, 2011 6:33 am

Expert Forensic Psychiatrist

With AVs falling NOW in the well after the fact that damage is done category, go with a HIPS or behavior blocker, ClamWin and ClamSentinel. It's nice to find a trojan on your drive with a good free AV, but it's best to keep it off before it gets there because it was probably sitting there talking to the rest of the internet or trashing files irreparably for a week or more before the AV vendors placed it in the update sigs. The average AV vendor find time is about two weeks to a month on "less harmless" malware -- whatever "less harmless" means. The net is getting dangerous, just d/l Kerio FW 2.1.5 and do some real logging of the bad hits in the past few minutes. Those hits are no longer targeted for the socket files, but for every file, process, service, activity mode and much, much more.



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