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It happens so seldom when you met someone really special and when that special happens to come along, it is a feeling of being a child again experiencing the butterflies and the blushing insecurities of hoping to be cared for in return. It is a starting point wherein happiness is over flowing, day dreaming becomes a habit and before you knew it you were already in love…
Sometimes we do believe that we are in love, we tend to do things for the sake of our partner; for all we all know that the acid of love is self forgetfulness. By the time that we know that we’re in love is when we already forget ourselves and think only what is best for our partner… and that is where the problem begins. The more we love the more we expect things to happen our way, the painful you got because sometimes we thought that we know which way the river flows, its not the way love goes.
At the end of every relationship we are embarrassed to find ourselves alone because someone we want to stay are the ones who leave us behind.. That’s the drama, the bittersweet and the rest of falling in love.
You must learn the Art of Letting Go… it is as hard as breaking the crystal because you’ll never know when you will be able to pick up the pieces again. More often than not they who go, feel not the parting, it is they who stay behind suffer because they are left with memories of love that wasn’t meant to be
It is hard to accept that it is all over and you have to suffer if it would mean happiness for others. But all I know and do really believe that everything must come to an end, without us knowing when, without us knowing why and we have to forget not because we want to but we have to!

This poem was being shared to me by our college professor. since then me and my friends treasure this poem. and we intend to keep it for the rest of our lives. cheers hope u all like it guys! there's also a song on the same title( the art of letting go and its so nice!i love it sobra! (lalo na if e want to emote!)muah! flower

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