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Post by XREDXR on Wed May 04, 2011 4:54 am

2 consecutive spinning landing at number 8 and 3 means 2 times landing at 1st12. So you can confidently make the bet on 2 kinds 2nd12 and 3rd12. If it still land at 1st12, it’s alright, keep x2 on 2 kinds 2nd12 and 3rd12. I have played many many times and I realize that’s the most effective.
Another kind is vertical line. Vertical line means 3 2to1. It has the same way that of seeing 2 times spinning to same line, you make the bet on other two lines and keep x2 if losing. However, if following this way, the % of winning is not as high and reliable as horizontal sp that you should use it in the case of being caught cheating.

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