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Is our country (Philippines) ready for the 2010 elections?

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Is our country (Philippines) ready for  the 2010 elections? Empty Is our country (Philippines) ready for the 2010 elections?

Post by chaps_1022 on Sat Mar 21, 2009 1:10 pm

Tefs ladies i posted this out for you to have a lil view of whats happenning on our country right now regarding political issue! for those who are not yet registered for the absentee voting. the registration is still ongoing on our embassy! please participate and be a responsible Filipino citizen for the development, change and growth of our dear country! Godbless us all!muah! cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

The meaningful REFORM must start with dismantling the TRAPO culture and that starts with US the REFORMED VOTERS. Changing the present ADMINISTRATION with the present OPPOSITION will just bring one TRAPO after another.
But what is the choice?
We must solve this as a STRATEGIC issue and we must first agree that the problem is MORAL and the immoral TRAPO culture will never be able to self correct.
500 political dynasties will ensure that.
We must offer responsible parties in 2010 or we lose by default again just leaving us no choice but for the "lesser evil".
EDUCATING the voters to look for PRINCIPLED PARTIES with a PLATFORM that meets their REFORM aspirations is a role ALL LEADERS must take.A good governance CHAMPION must be able to challenge the very party it belongs to.The party is still the BOSS and we know that over 50% of Congress is connected to a dynasty,so there goes CARP and ANTI POLITICAL DYNASTY etc etc
There is NO NATIONAL PARTY that has a platform for the common good.
Of course there is AKP.
visit the website : angkapatiranparty. org

Is our country (Philippines) ready for  the 2010 elections? Pbucket

Ang Kapatiran Party

Can Alternative Reform Candidates for President win in 2010?
by: Harvey S. Keh
March 17,2009

FOR the past months since Kaya Natin! was launched, I have met and talked with several groups and organizations all asking if Kaya Natin! will be fielding its own Presidential candidate for the upcoming 2010 National Elections. These groups include organizations of farmers and peasants, civil society groups, socio-civic organizations, business groups, religious leaders and student leaders.
Rumors have been circulating that Kaya Natin! leaders, such as Pampanga Gov. Eddie Panlilio, Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca and Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo are considering to make a run for the highest position in our land. When I asked them about this, they simply laughed because they feel that it’️s such a far-fetched idea given their lack of national awareness and say that their personal preference is to go back to their private lives after they have served out the remainder of their present terms, Panlilio as a priest while Padaca as a practicing certified public accountant.
Yet, in almost all of the more than 60 colleges and universities that we have visited in our Caravan of Good Governance, the students who attend never fail to ask the Kaya Natin! leaders to strongly consider to run as alternative and reform
Presidential candidates for the 2010 polls.
In a recent discernment session we organized in Nueva Ecija, majority of those who attended said that they can’️t seem to choose who to vote for among all the current Presidentiables since all of them seem to represent the same values and ideals that have brought our country to where it is today.
This then begs the question, is the country actually ready to elect an alternative and reform candidate in 2010?
Many of those whom I have talked to also mention the names of Chief Justice Reynato Puno and JIL Leader Bro. Eddie Villanueva as other alternative candidates that will reflect the right values that we need in our next President.
Some political analysts and public relations practitioners have also warned me that fielding a reform slate in 2010 would be useless given that the reality of Philippine politics was that one would need money and political machinery just to be able to put up a decent campaign.
One of them even told me that a viable
Presidential campaign would need at least P2 billion! She told me that if you can’️t raise that money, don’️t even bother to make a run at the Presidency since it will just be a lost cause. Not to dampen the hopes of many idealistic Filipinos here and abroad but I tend to agree with these political analysts that good intentions are not enough and the issue of having enough resources is very crucial if we want to finally elect a God-fearing, morally-upright, effective and ethical leader for our country in 2010.
However, I’️d like to also believe that there is still enough time for us to work together and support an alternative and reform candidate whether it will be Panlilio, Padaca, Robredo, Puno, Villanueva or any other reform leader but we have to be united and we have to act now.
I still believe that the spirit of people power is still alive in Filipinos everywhere in the world. There is a silent majority of Filipinos especially those who are living abroad that are now longing to see change in our country especially in the 2010 elections.
Imagine if all the overseas Filipinos would just decide to chip in at least $5 each to support a reform candidate then that would give the candidate at least $30 million or P1.5 billion to help him or her in putting up a good and decent fight against the ruling oligarchs and traditional politicians in our country.
Another thing going for us is that majority of the voting population of our country are young people aged between 18 to 40 years old. Thus it is imperative for all of us to support initiatives such as the Movement for Good Governance, YouthVote Philippines and IamChange2010 that are encouraging the Filipino youth to register for the upcoming polls.
The energy and idealism of these young Filipinos can also be tapped as we have seen in the Presidential campaigns of Senators Miriam Defensor Santiago and Raul Roco, both of whom almost made it despite meager resources due to the support of the Filipino youth.
Padaca and Panlilio showed that people power in the polls can happen in the provincial level but whether or not it can happen in the national level is now up to all of us. Will we allow ourselves to have another President that is beholden to the interests of a few elite families and oligarchs? The answer lies in your hands.

Harvey S. Keh is the Director for Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship at the Ateneo de Manila University-School of Government.


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Is our country (Philippines) ready for  the 2010 elections? Empty Re: Is our country (Philippines) ready for the 2010 elections?

Post by jha on Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:20 am

Smile nice info sissy, anyway, its a broad and sensitive aspect that people really need to think not just twice but million of times, this time is there really someone who we can really trust and say, Hey, its time for a change? kung si Mr. Obama nga hindi kinunsidira ang consequences ng malawakang prostritusyon dahil sa mga American Army na nagtitraining sa Subic instead insisting our President to let them stay in the Philippines with the same power base on the 1st agreement between Philippines-America and sadly GMA kinilig sa tawag ni Obama kaya Yes na lang ng Yes, without thinking the risk of her countrymen..

So how would we know that those new candidates will be a good leader in a highest level , Oh well, maybe they are good enough now for the current position, but thats another thing , presidential matter is very strong position that we need a strong caring person who can lead our country for the beneficial aspect of their countrymen..For Me, everything needs step by step ,same in politics, they need to step every level of the position to really find what's going on in the Philippines,Im not against any of that said candidates but we cant deny also that the religion in our place is very powerful now, sometimes I wanna think that is this democratic country that the Catholicism is more ruling than the government.I mean, sorry for that guys, but its just a lot of things that religious leaders are using their power also in wrong way for the government.. should I say, OA na minsan at d na sakop ng advocacy nila.. Razz Razz God bless Philippines!

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Is our country (Philippines) ready for  the 2010 elections? Empty Re: Is our country (Philippines) ready for the 2010 elections?

Post by marhie barredo on Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:39 pm

WE, Filipinos are ready for a change .but the question is, may pagbabago kayang mangyayari? politicians are using their powers para sa maling pamamalakad at bulok na sistema ng pamahalaang Arroyo. Kahit sino ang iluklok ng mga Pilipino sa pwesto, angPpilipinas ay walang pagbabago. Dahil ang mga perang ginagamit nila sa election ay pera ng mamamayang Pilipino, na ninakaw nila sa kaban ng Pilipinas. Sino ang kawawa, tayong mga ordinaryong mamayan. Kung iisipin mo mayaman ang bansa natin pero nasaan ang kababayan natin, nasa ibang bansa nag papaalipin para mabuhay.. . Walang pagbabago ang Pinas kung ang nasa pwesto ay SAKIM AT MAGNANAKAW.
marhie barredo
marhie barredo

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Is our country (Philippines) ready for  the 2010 elections? Empty Re: Is our country (Philippines) ready for the 2010 elections?

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